Death of Charlotte Valandrey – Yann Moix affirms that he “will not apologize” after the strong criticism from the family of the actress: “I will not remove a comma from this tribute”

In Paris Match on July 21, Yann Moix had paid tribute to Charlotte Valandrey, who had not at all pleased those close to the actress, even calling it “shameless fabrication”, or even “impostor” .

In the magazine, the columnist decides to respond, and says: “I did not remove a word, a line, a semicolon, a comma from this tribute”. “I’ve done things for Charlotte that my closest friends don’t know, don’t have to know, and never will,” he says.

Recall that the family of Charlotte Valandrey had indicated “No one among the closest is aware of this complicity (…) What we know is a brief rapprochement without love story when they were young but especially not much since”.

And to affirm that he “never answered the calls of Charlotte who needed him”, when he worked with Laurent Ruquier in “We are not lying” on France 2.

The writer, very annoyed, reaffirms thus: “The complicity that I had with her was all the more profound, inestimable and precious that she has always been clandestine”, before assuring that they had “a relationship that no one can understand and no one can take away”.

“What I have to say is very simple: one would have to be naïve to believe that a being distributes itself in the same way to all the interlocutors, the human beings it meets on its way during its existence” , he added

If he says he understands “the infinitely respectable pain of parents”, Yann Moix assures that he will not apologize, preferring to remember that the actress “taught him to become a man”.

And to conclude: “I also ask them to respect mine.”.

Note that the statement that had been posted on social networks by the family of the actress has been withdrawn.

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