Death of Charlotte Valandrey at 53: the farewell poem to her daughter Tara published by her relatives

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Known for her role in the series “Les Cordier, judge et cop”, Charlotte Valandrey died on Wednesday July 13 after a heart transplant that did not take. On Instagram, her relatives post a touching farewell poem that she wrote to her daughter.

“In 2000 I was a mother, you gave me life”. In an extremely moving poem, Charlotte Valandray lays down her last words of farewell to her daughter Tara. Entitled “Don’t forget to love me”, the text was published on her Instagram account by the actress’s relatives, just hours after her death.

“I will be in a laugh, in your song, never far. In the night, in the rain or by a bright sun. Call me my Louloute, I do not sleep, I watch. Love as I love you my angel, my paradise”, addresses the mother to the young girl of 22 years now. It was in the early 2000s that she gave birth to Tara, the fruit of her relationship with Arthur Lecaisne, author of numerous culinary books.

“I was afraid that she would fall ill”

In 2005, in the columns of L’Express, she revealed her HIV status and her heart problems, when her book “Love in Blood” was released. She also talks about her relationship with her daughter. “I was afraid that she would get sick, afraid of dying. I remained detached. The virus, sometimes, gets in the way. Fortunately, her dad took care of it a lot”.

Discreet, Tara Lecaisne has never spoken in the media. His mother’s funeral will take place in private in Pléneuf-Val-André, a commune in the Côtes-d’Armor which inspired his artist name, “not far from the immense beach of his childhood holidays“said his family.

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