Death of Canadian influencer Tanya Pardazi at 21, during a parachute jump

Known for her TikTok account, which has around 100,000 subscribers, Tanya Pardazi died of serious injuries following a skydiving accident.

Tanya Pardazi, a 21-year-old Canadian influencer known for her TikTok account with 100,000 subscribers, died on August 27 in Toronto after an accident during a parachute jump. As CNN reports, skydiving company Skydive Toronto released a statement two days after the fall without naming the TikTokeuse by name. But one of her friends revealed her identity to the American media.

“The (young woman) deployed her main parachute at a low altitude, and had neither enough time nor enough altitude for her reserve parachute to inflate”, can we read in this press release.

An investigation has been opened by police in South Simcoe County, Ontario, to determine the circumstances of the crash.

“An Incredible Spirit”

Tanya Pardazi was studying philosophy at the University of Toronto, according to NBC News. She was part of the faculty’s cheerleading team, according to the latter’s tribute on Instagram, and had participated in the Miss Canada pageant. Her TikTok account, @philosatea, had allowed her to acquire a small notoriety thanks to videos in which she evoked subjects as varied as feminism, global warming or the occult. She was undergoing skydiving training, which she briefly mentioned in her last video posted on August 22.

“She was a welcome new addition to the skydiving community, and she will be missed by her new friends and fellow Skydive Toronto skydivers,” the statement added. “The Skydive Toronto team is deeply affected by this accident.”

Melody Ozgoli, Tanya Pardazi’s friend who confided in CNN, paid tribute to “an incredible spirit”, a “brilliant” and “intelligent” young woman who used to “find new hobbies” : “She was unique, different. There weren’t two like her, sincerely.”

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