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David Beckham meditates in front of the coffin of Elizabeth II after several hours of waiting

The former footballer did not hide his emotion by praying in front of the queen’s coffin, like thousands of Britons, this Friday in Westminster.

David Beckham paid a last tribute to Elizabeth II this Friday. The English football star gathered in front of the coffin of the monarch, exposed to Westminster Hall, in London.

Red-eyed and dressed in a black suit and coat, Victoria Beckham’s husband took off his hat as he approached the coffin, as a sign of respect. He bowed to the queen’s remains before stepping back.

“It’s really, really hard to describe this moment,” he told reporters as he left Westminster Hall. We have been very fortunate as a nation to have someone who has led us like Her Majesty, for so long, with kindness, kindness, benevolence. She always reassured us. We always felt safe with her.”

“It will continue with the Royal Family, but I think Her Majesty was a special person, and she will be missed here in the UK and also around the world,” continued the former footballer.

hours of waiting

“I grew up in a family of royalists,” he continued. “I think of my grandparents: if they were alive today, they would be by my side, here in Westminster. You must always respect your queen, your monarch in the country. (…) As a former football player, former England captain, I know what it’s like to step onto the pitch and represent our queen, our country.”

Like thousands of Britons, David Beckham joined the kilometer-long queue to briefly appear before the remains of the sovereign, who died on September 8 at the age of 96. According to sky newswho exchanged a few words with the former footballer while he was still in the crowd, he waited more than 12 hours to be able to collect himself in front of the coffin of the queen.

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