Dance with the Stars – Léa Elui’s first performance sets Twitter on fire and creates controversy

Léa Elui’s performance in “Dance with the Stars” ignited Twitter. TF1 screen capture

This Friday, September 16, the second bonus of “Dancing with the stars” was broadcast on TF1. And the performance of the most famous influencer in France, Léa Elui, ignited the Web … So much so that it created controversy on Twitter.

Season 12 of “Dancing with the Stars” made its big comeback this Friday, September 9, on TF1. In the program ? New celebrities, as well as a new jury. Bilal Hassani and prima ballerina Marie-Agnès Gillot replaced Denitsa Ikonomova and Jean-Paul Gaultier. They now take on the heavy task of grading each duo alongside Chris Marques and François Alu. And this first bonus was rich in twists and turns, but above all in surprises. Because of a novelty explained by Camille Combal, that of being able to buzz a pair to take him directly as a last chance, David Douillet left the adventure after only one week. Chris Marques left him no chance and this caused the incomprehension of the French judoka, who saw it as an injustice.

Discover the portrait of David Douillet:

An “ultra-validated” return

This Friday, September 16, the second bonus of “Dancing with the stars” was broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for viewers to discover the six new pairs of this twelfth season. Clémence Castel, Théo Fernandez, Léa Elui, Carla Lazzari, Florent Peyre and Stéphane Legar walked the floor of studio 217 in Plaine Saint-Denis, with their respective partners. In addition, Jean-Marc Généreux made a very noticeable return as a juror, to replace Chris Marques, positive for the coronavirus, but his presence was only exceptional. From the first minutes of the broadcast, Internet users expressed their joy at the idea of ​​finding this iconic character from “Dancing with the stars”. Moreover, seeing him again this evening, some realized how much he was missing from “DALS” and his return was “ultra validated”.

“That’s when you realize you’re old”

However, it is a candidate who unleashed passions on Twitter, this Friday, September 16. It must be said that social networks are his specialty. Léa Elui is the most followed influencer in France, with more than 30 million subscribers to her credit. However, some Twittos thought they were coming out of “a cave” when they saw her on the floor of “DALS”, since they did not know her.

Discover the portrait of Léa Elui:

“A crazy sway”

Nevertheless, those who know her know that she excels in short dance videos. His speciality ? Belly dance. It is also thanks to this that she was spotted on the social network TikTok. And for this adventure, it is alongside Christophe Licata, that she sways on the floor of “Dancing with the stars”. But during her performance, some Internet users were not very kind to the young woman of only 21 years old. Considered “a hottie” by some Twitter followers, some pointed out that her “kidney” would not win her the competition…

“Sexist comments are no”

One thing is certain, it is that his swaying ignited the set of “Dancing with the stars”, and even the Web. But despite some criticism, the young influencer was unanimous. And Internet users wanted to defend it. If “the haters” were singled out, a Twitto deplored “the sexist comments” of which Léa Elui was the victim. In any case, some are convinced, the partner of Christophe Licata could go very far in the adventure.

This second bonus wowed viewers, unfortunately the adventure ended for one of the six candidates. Théo Fernandez had a brief but intense experience.

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