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Cyril Hanouna goes down in flames “C to You”

VIDEO – On Friday, the host of “Touche pas à mon poste” attacked the competing program of France 5 and Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine directly.

On Friday, Cyril Hanouna received Jordan De Luxe and André Bouchet alias Passe-Partout to return to the controversial sequence where the first had measured the size of the second with an iPhone. The video made a lot of noise after Bertrand Chameroy’s column in “C à Vous”, who devoted part of his “ABC” to it this week.

I don’t watch this show, it’s for the over 80s“, commented Cyril Hanouna to talk about “C à Vous” broadcast at the same time as “TPMP”. “Afterwards, they are nice, but it’s not my delirium. I did it once and after that there were only dead people stopping me on the street. “C to you”, I’m not a fan. They tend to scoff a bit. We laugh, but we say things“, he still believes.

The columnist Guillaume Genton adds: “France 5 is part of the France Télévisions group and until proven otherwise, it is France 2 which broadcasts Fort Boyard For years. And it is they who have been calling a short person Passe-Partout for 30 years. So it’s the hospital that doesn’t care about charity“.

“He forgets people, he forgets everyone”

Cyril Hanouna on Bertrand Chameroy

Cyril Hanouna gave it a layer. ““It’s up to you, they get a million viewers every day, but if they were on a private channel, they didn’t last two days. They don’t sell an ad. On advertising targets, it’s catastrophic“, he revealed. And for him, host Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine took the melon. “It’s testas 2000 (sic)he says. “Because they have two sweetbreads and an osso bucco every night, they think they’re in the house“, he shouts again.

Bertrand Chameroy, his former columnist who is now part of the “C à Vous” team, also took it for his rank. “the most ungratefulfor Guillaume Genton. “He forgets people, he forgets everyone“, according to his former boss Cyril Hanouna.


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