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Cyril Féraud on the verge of discomfort: he suddenly collapses during the quiz of champions!

At 37, Cyril Feraud already has a great career under her belt. Great audience knows him for his appearances in the Treasure Map or for his role in Slam. Despite his years of experience, the host could not hide his surprise on the set of the Quiz des champions! He ended up collapsing on the ground.facing an extraordinary candidate.

Cyril Féraud falls backwards in front of this unbeatable participant!

This week, the host of Slam presented the quiz of champions. On this occasion, Cyril Féraud was therefore very impressed by Timothy’s performance. Indeed, this participant, from the 12 strokes of noon, pulled off an incredible feat. Also, he was able to chain 31 good answers out of a total of 32 questions.

Following this masterstroke, Cyril Féraud feigned fainting in front of so many knowledge. He then finished lying on the ground, as a sign of surprise and admiration for this candidate. He made a point of specifying that Timothée reached a very high level.
This is the absolute record in the entire history of the Quiz of Champions”

However, the candidate had to face a difficult topic: winter and summer olympics. There was therefore reason to be surprised at such a success. Flattered, Timothée also held out his hand to Cyril Feraud to help him up.

But this nice move did not ensure victory for this participant! Thereby, he finally lost facing Francis, from the show Slam. The latter managed to do a clear round and win the title of Big Winner. Fans of the Quiz of Champions no doubt have a feeling of deja vu. Indeed, Francis had already won the first edition of the show. So it seems unbeatable.

Audiences for the Quiz des champions, down on France 2

Despite his good humor and his involvement, Cyril Féraud must still note a drop in audience of the show. It must be said that France 2 broadcasts the competition on the same time slot as The Voice Kids, presented on TF1. Clearly, the two programs are in conflict a family audience.

However, Cyril Féraud managed to interest more than 11% of the public. But if we compare this data to previous Quiz of Champions bounties, it is lowest audience since the launch of the show.

Cyril Féraud will certainly have to question himself to raise the bar. Indeed, the Quiz of Champions has a recipe that seems ideal. This competition involves winners of various shows. And it is not limited to TV games France 2. Thus, some candidates, like Timothée, come from games broadcast on TF1. Tournaments can therefore fascinate the public of many television competitions !

Cyril Féraud must also stay focused on the other shows he hosts. Thus, he makes his return on September 5 on France 3, in Slam, but also in the Family Duel! In addition, last May, France 2 announced that the host would take control of a new program. This is, again, a game show, which is called ” 100% logical”.

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