Connectivity via satellite on the iPhone 14: Apple has completed hardware tests according to Kuo

One of the flagship novelties of the iPhone 14 could be the opportunity to have mobile network anywhere on the planet. Indeed, Apple plans to offer owners of the iPhone 14 the possibility of making calls and sending SMS when they are no longer in the coverage of their mobile operator. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the hardware tests have just ended!

Apple ready for iPhone 14 launch

According to several rumors, the iPhone 14 could offer the satellite cellular connectivity thanks to a special chip integrated into the iPhone. According to Kuo, Apple organized a multitude of tests under different conditions to check if the connection between the satellites and the iPhone 14 was reliable in terms of telephone conversation and sending SMS (and possibly data?).
The analyst assures that the tests are now closed and that it was a great success just a few weeks away from the launch of the new generation of iPhone.

cellular satellite

Will the feature be available from the marketing iPhone 14s? It’s not sure, because if Apple is ready, the partner company that provides access to the satellites must be able to manage traffic coming. In addition, Kuo believes that Apple Park should make specific agreements with partner operators in the distribution of the iPhone, the goal is to find a economic model which will suit both operators and the Cupertino company.

Ming-Chi Kuo also took the opportunity to recall that this satellite system which will allow voice communications and the sending/receiving of SMS will only be for the purpose of relief, Apple has no ambition to replace your mobile operator. Chances are that Apple is programming iOS to handle a automatic switching from your operator’s mobile network to the satellites as soon as your iPhone goes into “network unavailable”.

The company that Apple is most likely to cooperate with is Globalstar, despite rumors to the contrary. Tim Ferrar, a satellite communications specialist, said Friday that Apple and Globalstar will introduce a satellite communications feature for the iPhone 14.

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