Confidentiality: Apple would be one of the tech firms collecting the least user data

Less than two weeks from the keynote, here is a new study on the practices of firms in terms of data collection, where – unsurprisingly – Apple would appear at the top of the class. Apparently, it would be the firm that collects the least user data, a feat that it regularly highlights.

The study calculated the number of data points each company collects from its users. Apparently, Google would collect a total of 39 points per user, Twitter and Amazon 24 and 23 points. No offense to some, Facebook, which is rather pro-tracking, is awarded 14 points, against 12 for Cupertino.

This difference would be based on the choice of data processing, Apple relying more on machine learning and iPhone-level algorithms for personalization of certain choices. But this approach is more difficult to implement for Google and Facebook, whose business model is based on advertising…. In addition, the latter say they are heavily impacted by the App Tracking Transparency (ATT), implemented by Apple and which would have cost social media companies some $10 billion in revenue for 2021.

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