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Company | Digne-les-Bains: a Neapolitan wind blows on “Aldo pizza”

From roulette to pizza, there is only one step for Florent Rosenzweig, 38-year-old Mirabelen, who has decided to settle down in the prefectural city. In your pocket, a BTS accounting level for 17 years: “VS’is in gaming casinos, in the 4 corners of France and even Switzerland, he confides, that I worked. And now, back home, a new challenge“.

Two “F” accomplices for the opening of the “Aldo Pizza” sign on rue de l’Artisanat, in Les Arches. Florent and Fabien have not gone without each other since college. Last May, they will train with Grégorio, a Neapolitan cooking teacher and pizza maker. Two weeks to learn everything and above all to have the know-how to prepare and roll out the dough by hand, according to the Calabrian recipe and to make good pizzas.

Agreement concluded, Florent Fanto, 35, Dignois, makes his premises available in Les Arches, he who has been with his sister Florence for more than fifteen years at the head of the family business “SARL Fanto” in import-export in Italian dry food products. “I am set back here, Florent is the tenant. I’m here to help, and for deliveries, explains Florent who, surrounded by his family like Fabien, is delighted with this opening of their brand, in his neighborhood, in the presence of Sandra Raponi and a few neighbors delighted with this new business near their home. “Our particularity, we only make pizzas with “flor di latte” mozzarella, less greasy than Gruyère. Our peeled tomatoes like mozzarella come from Naples. He wanted to change paths and I had the knowledge to train him directly in the south of Italy, in Calabria. We both left. The rest is a manufacturing secret.Florent smiles.

Everything is decided in March. Work on the premises begins in June. For cooking, the best of the best, a latest generation wood-fired oven, with a turntable and only oak wood and a few olive branches for cooking, which gives a taste touch to the pizza. All that remains is to savor a crispy pastry, a hearty preparation, appreciated by the guests.

Practical information: Open every evening except Tuesday at 6 p.m. 07 63 18 49 11 -On the menu 22 pizzas including two sweet. Every month “the special – Aldo!”. 3 pizzas bought a free bottle. Free delivery to Digne from one pizza ordered – for the Digne country delivery to Aiglun, Mallemoisson and Le Brusquet from 3 pizzas purchased. Facebook page

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