Comedian Rémi Gaillard admits having stolen the DeloRean

On Tuesday, September 20, we told you that the owner of a replica of the DeloRean, the car from the cult “Back to the Future” trilogy, suspected Rémi Gaillard of having stolen his precious vehicle from him in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage in the Cotes d’Armor. We contacted the Hérault comedian who confirms, with supporting photos, to be behind this theft with three “experts”. Rémi Gaillard specifies having brought the car back on a plateau to Montpellier (almost 1000 kilometers) “to check if she can actually time travel”. He also promises to return her“in the near future”.

Do you admit to being the author of the theft of the DeloRean?

You have to think big in life, even if it means traveling through time behind the wheel of a car, you might as well steal one that looks good!*

How did you proceed?

At night with three experts. Obviously, the owner has the CCTV images… I hope he will release them.

You brought her back to Montpellier? How?

I brought her back to Montpellier on a tray, covered with a tarpaulin. I unbridled it but it is in perfect condition.

The owner says you got in touch with him late last year. Why did you decide to act this way, to steal it rather than rent it?

I didn’t steal it, I would like to fly with it.

What do you plan to do with this car? And when do you plan to return it?

I want to check if she can actually time travel back to the 80s. Gasoline was cheaper and music was more stylish. I promise to return the DeloRean to its owner in the near future.

Have you been heard by the gendarmerie for this story?

I received a call yes and fortunately they have humor.

The upset owner

Joined this Wednesday, Victor Deguérande, the owner assures that all this surreal story is not a set up. “It really upsets me, believe me, he could have rented it to me, it would have been less stressful!”he tells us. “Contrary to what some newspapers write, my car was stolen.” Victor Deguérande nevertheless specifies that he did not ultimately lodge a complaint with the gendarmerie as he had nevertheless affirmed. “I said that to make Rémi Gaillard react, so that he would give me back my car”.

* Reference to one of the cult quotes from the film: You have to think big in life, even if it means traveling through time at the wheel of a car, you might as well choose one that looks good!

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