Colin Firth divorced from Livia after 22 years of love: a dark deception in question

Colin Firth is on the W9 program tonight in the film Mamma Mia! alongside Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan and Amanda Seyfried. The opportunity to discuss his former relationship with Livia Giuggioli, who was his wife for 22 years. She is also the mother of her two sons Luca (born March 29, 2001) and Matteo (born August 25, 2003), who joined her eldest son William, born in 1990 from his relationship with the American actress. Meg Tilly.

Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli officially separated on December 13, 2019 through a press release. “Colin and Livia Firth have separated. They maintain a close friendship and remain united in their love for their children.“, reported the magazine Page Six. “They kindly ask to respect their right to privacy. There will be no further comment“, could we also read.

His unfaithful wife?

They had said “yes” in 1997, a year after they met on the set of the BBC television adaptation of the novel. Nostromo. If no explicit reason related to this break had been officially disclosed, the magazine Hello put the finger on potential infidelities on the part of the Italian producer. The latter would have had an affair with a childhood friend named Marco Branaccia, between 2015 and 2016. A “truth” which would then have come to light in 2018, when the couple had filed a complaint for harassment against Livia’s lover, who was then a stranger to Colin Firth.

Marco Branaccia, in his defense, had been forced to tell the truth. “Livia and I have known each other since childhood, then we had a love story that lasted eleven months in 2015-2016. It ended in June 2016 and I never called her again. I sent him two messages on WhatsApp, a text message for his birthday and an email to Colin – which I deeply regret (..) [Livia] filed a complaint against me for fear that I might go public with what she had revealed to me about her marriage and her work,” he said. This case, which was finally settled by a confidential amicable arrangement, would therefore have caused this separation.

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