Clotilde Courau and Emmanuel Philibert of Savoie separated? They meet for the 16th birthday of their daughter Luisa!

Breakup rumors? If Clotilde Courau and Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy had already put an end to it by the voice of the Prince of Savoy, their reunion risk closing the case definitively. and their daughter Luisa, who just turned 16 this Tuesday, August 16, may well remember this anniversary forever marked by the presence of his entire clan. Indeed, it had been a long time since we had seen the French actress and the prince appear with each other. For the 16 years of their youngest daughter, it’s done!

And it’s Vittoria de Savoie (18 years old) their eldest who shared these precious family moments on Instagram. The princess, very active and just as committed, has published photos of their vacation and there is no room for doubt, Clotilde Courau and Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy are both present there. The young woman, friend of many daughters and sons, including Joalukas Noah, unveiled a beautiful shot of her mother, sublime and smiling, and of which she is the perfect double. “mum“, she wrote in the caption with hearts, proving her pride and her love. Then a photo of her father, and their dog.

Clotilde Courau and Emmanuel Philibert de Savoie share their vision of love

It is for the 16 years of the young Luisa, princess still very discreet, that the couple found themselves. And why is this reunion so important? The couple has indeed decided to live separately and has been for a few years now. Both of them, however, are coping perfectly well with this situation. They describe their couple as “a strong friendship, complicity and a desire for truth“.”Love is thinking of each other when we are far away, and being happy when we are together“, had confided the prince to Gala. Both aware that “life is not a fairy tale, but a fight“, as recalled by his wife, they have therefore found this solution which suits them perfectly: she lives in Paris and he in Monte-Carlo. But inevitably, their reunion must each time have a taste of magic. And if Luisa risks d To be marked by the big party on the beach which celebrated her 16th birthday, she must also be delighted to see her parents with each other.

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