Claire Chazal separated from Arnaud Lemaire, 19 years younger than her: the reasons for their breakup

Love has no age. Several couples are proof of this. Delphine Wespiser shares the life of Roger, 26 years her senior. Brigitte Macron fell in love with current President Emmanuel Macron, despite being 24 years apart. And everything rolls. Some, on the other hand, did not have the chance to see their story continue, as was the case for Claire Chazal and Arnaud Lemaire. The journalist and the model didn’t take long to formalize their story in 2007.

If they feared perhaps the judgments on their 19-year gap – Claire Chazal is 65 years old, Arnaud Lemaire, 46 years old -, the lovebirds preferred to ignore the rumors which ran about them: “I didn’t care. We were a bit of a forerunner. In retrospect, I tell myself that it is quite beneficial for a society to break such conformism. And then, in the end, we are forced to accept the sincerity of feelings“, she said in Paris Match. And they were right since they have spent no less than seven beautiful years together.

But in 2014, the news falls. Claire Chazal revealed to be separated from Arnaud Lemaire. An end accepted without flinching: “Of course, there were obstacles. Problems related to different remuneration and social status, for example. But also ways of living and concerns related to maturity, experience, which are not necessarily the sameshe confided in the columns of Paris Match. But I didn’t find it that difficult. (…) I did not feel that the fact of not being able to give him a child was an obstacle to the durability of our couple.”

For his part, Arnaud Lemaire had also allowed himself some secrets to France Sundayevoking in half-words his life in the shadow of the journalist: “We are men. We are born and we grow up with the feeling of being THE slightly more assertive person in the couple and here it is I who am rather in the shadows. The roles are reversed, it’s a little destabilizing. (…) I guess I should have handled things differently, surely… I regret that I was too soft and too kind, I could have been a little tougher.

Despite this break, Claire Chazal and Arnaud Lemaire remained on very good terms. While the model has no trouble referring to her ex as “an absolutely amazing woman” and “exceptional“, the journalist is also full of praise for her former companion, “a pure, candid being, of total sincerity.“A happy ending rare enough to be underlined.

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