Christophe Willem forced to see a shrink after the big failure of his album, a hasty end to his career…

Five years ago, the singer, author, composer, Christophe Willem published his fifth album called Rio, the one that was revealed by Nouvelle Star thought of the worst: to drop everything.

“I was totally abandoned by the label. A week after its release, they said to me: ‘The album is folded’. After two years of work, it was violent! For other reasons, my manager changed jobs. I felt very alone…”explains the main interested party in a new interview granted to the Parisian.

Christophe admits in the process that he then needed to be followed. “I saw a shrink, to take stock of my life. It woke up a lot of adolescent wounds that I thought were healed, the feeling of abandonment and rejection that I had experienced as a teenager, when I was stuck a label on a sexuality that I didn’t have. I didn’t understand why I was rejected. Especially since, later, in Nouvelle Star, I was loved for exactly the same things. Afterwards I locked myself in in an unhealthy dependence on the gaze of others, on notoriety, and I thought that it had made up for my lack of self-esteem. But with the failure of “Rio”. I felt like everything was taken away from me.”

The interpreter of PS I love you even thought about leaving the Enfoirés troupe for good for fear of the way his colleagues would look at him: “I even considered not not return to the Enfoirés. I like them but I was afraid that people would point the finger at me: ‘Look, it’s the fat loser who sold three records, his career is over.’ I lived with the shame of being a finished artist.”

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