Christophe Willem cash on his sexuality: the singer speaks without taboo

Revealed by the show New star of which he was the winner in 2006, Christophe Willem released his sixth album entitled panorama available from Friday, September 16. An album in which appears among others the title PS: I love you written by Slimane but above all in which he evokes deeper themes such as thethe gaze of others, school bullying, his parents and also his sexuality.

On the occasion of the release of his new album, Christophe Willem gave an interview to our colleagues from Pure Charts this Saturday, September 17. While recalling painful memories, the 39-year-old singer spoke bluntly about his sexuality. A subject he alludes to in neither queen nor kingone of the songs from the album. “It’s a title that is important because I affirm in it that I am neither one nor the other. I come out of any binary norm. I am not gay as I am not hetero”he insisted.

college, a “complicated period” for Christopher Willem

In this interview, the interpreter of Double I also spoke about his complicated adolescence and what he endured when he left school. New star in 2006. “College is a complicated period, I was stigmatized because I was effeminate and had a high-pitched voice. I must have been gay! Whereas at that time, you didn’t have an assertive sexuality… I didn’t understand. It’s very hard when, young, you are given a label before you even know who you are (…) I had the feeling that we often attached importance to the path that I had and that, as a result, I was often defined by very vulgar reductions: “He’s the guy, we don’t know if he’s gay or not, he has a high voice and he made New star. This is my resume! So after a while, you lock yourself into the image that people give you”he expressed.

Now, Christophe Willem seems to have turned the page on this difficult period of his life. Proud of what he is today, the singer even devoted a song to it entitled In the eyes of the other taken from his album. “It tells where I come from, what I’ve been through and where I am today, and how much I see the gaze of the other as benevolent and no longer as the source of a problem. ”

Find the full interview with Christophe Willem on the Purecharts website.

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