Christine and the Queens: Tired of criticism of her drug use, she settles her accounts

This time it’s too much for Christine and the Queens who took hold of her TikTok account this Thursday, August 18, in order to make things clear with Internet users regarding her drug use. “I’m tired of my page becoming the receptacle of such a reductive trolling, and then problematic, and then sexist and above all particularly unleashed”, threw the interpreter of Tilted before giving the origin of this lynching of which she is the victim:“All because in fact I had the honesty to post two or three photos where I actually indicated my weed consumption”.

You extrapolate on me

The one who has never been spared by critics also took the opportunity to explain to them that she is not the only singer, far from it, to consume this kind of product. “What you blame me for… That is to sayShe’s psychotic, she’s a cameo to the last degree’, vYou extrapolate on me smoking joints, that’s my only consumption. 80% of the artists you get excited about most of the time are still guys who consume way more stuff. Why would I suddenly be at the end of my life, psychotic and close to the asylum because I smoke joints? No, I do not think so”, she clarified.

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