Christian Clavier: this heart attack which completely destroyed the actor!

Currently, it seems that the filmmaker Christian Clavier and Nicolas Sarkozy would be great long-time friends. What made this first respondent during the last presidential elections to support the spouse of Carla Bruni. Following this political position, this actor had to face many problems when the former French leader was stripped of his place. Nevertheless, he says he does not regret his choice, because the politician was present in his life during a tragic event. We give you more details!

Christian Clavier befriended Nicolas Sarkozy unexpectedly!

Christian Clavier is a famous personality on the small screen who has built his reputation in the field of the 7th art. In other words, we are talking about a film actor! We note that he is quite good in his specialization.

It should be noted that he started from nothing in his life and he climbed the ladder little by little to reach the top. To pay tribute to his professional achievement, TMC scheduled the rerun of one of the actor’s iconic films on July 27, 2022. The latter is called The Visitors!

We also note that this was done in order to please the viewers who appreciated his staging with Jean Reno. It is therefore obvious that Christian Clavier is far from going unnoticed in front of the public.

Many fans are behind him to support him every moment! However, there is only one rather annoying detail that could tarnish its image. What is that ? It is about the fact thathe is a supporter of former President Nicolas Sarkozy ! Besides, we even discovered that they are best friends.

A terrible tragedy linked their fate in the past!

In general, these two accomplices should not even know each other given their completely opposite way of life. In addition, Christian Clavier is far from being a person who enjoys doing politics.

Why do they know each other? To understand the nature of their meeting, We should go back to the 90s. It should be noted that it was during this period that their paths crossed. At the same time, we are talking about the period when they began to forge a bond of friendship!

At that time, the former President was still the mayor of a very small town in France called Neuilly-sur-Seine. According to official sources, the father of Christian Clavier lived at that time in the municipality of the latter.

We note that he worked as an ENT surgeon in the city. One day, the doctor didn’t come home and his son got worried. In addition, the member of the troop Le splendid alerted the town of his disappearance. Nicolas Sarkozy took everything in hand in research !

Christian Clavier lost his father, but gained a friend!

After several hours of investigation, the body of the patriarch of Christian Clavier was found in his car. Medical examiners ruled he died of a heart attack.

That day, the actor almost died of grief, but the husband of Carla Bruni remained at his bedside. Hence his great gratitude to the latter!

Nicolas Sarkozy demonstrated a gesture of humanity and loyalty towards the filmmaker. Usually he didn’t have to do it to help a stranger. What makes Christian Clavier feels a moral debt to this politician that he will never forget!

Following the reproach of others after last year’s elections, he and his wife left to settle in England so as not to justify their choice!

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