Chocolate and Corsican delights fair: dessert pizzas for ten-year-olds

The Chocolate and Delicious Fair come back stronger this year. More than 170 exhibitors will be spread over the entire St. Nicholas Square with Norbert, the famous cook as star guest. The novelty: an Italian village and the first French dessert pizza championship

Always higher, always stronger, always bigger.

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Paul Pierinelli’s imagination in terms of organizing his chocolate and Corsican delights fair is almost limitless. It knows for ten years to renew itself to offer the thousands of visitors who go there, the best.

This year, on October 14, 15 and 16, the president of this major event in the heart of Bastia’s autumn promises even more novelties and exceptional entertainment.

For this anniversary, Paul Pierinelli has already planned to occupy the entire Place Saint-Nicolas. A first for several years when there was a fair in town. More than 170 exhibitors are announced. They will still offer chocolate specialties but not only. For the ten years, we wanted with the whole team to mark the spirits. It is for this reason that we imagined occupying the entire Place Saint-Nicolas. Gourmands and gourmets will not be disappointed again this year, we will have the best. In terms of surface area and exhibitors, we are becoming the second largest show in France after that of Paris.”

A bet paid off by Paul PIerinelli who had to fight to find the necessary aid to launch this show more than ten years ago. Without his will, his abnegation and his sense of events, he would not have succeeded in perpetuating this Salon du chocolat et des délices in which everyone today wants to participate.

For this tenth edition, after Mercote last year, it’s the turn of Norbert, the famous cook of M6 to be the guest of the show. “We have the immense joy of being able to welcome this talented chef, who will delight us with his presence and his good humor. It’s a chance to be able to count on partners like him. to have a certain notoriety on the other side of the Mediterranean.”

International pizza contest

While there will be plenty of chocolates and delicacies for this tenth edition, the show will also have an air of Little Italy. An entire village, built on the upper part of the Place Saint-Nicolas, will thus welcome, during the three days that the show lasts, exhibitors of Italian specialties.

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To delight more gourmets and offer them even more quality demonstrations, Paul Pierinelli had the idea of ​​launching the first international pizza competition. A competition that will be coupled with the first French dessert pizza championship. “We are lucky to have three pizza world champions and a French champion on the jury for these events. Competitors from Italy, France, Morocco and ten Corsicans have already registered for our contest. To make the party even sweeter, we had the idea, and we are the first to do so in France, to launch the pizza dessert contest. It will be about making sweet pizzas. Quite a contest which was designed with the help of the company Pizza Niulinca. The winner will automatically be registered for the world pizza championship and qualified for the French championship. A competition which is endowed with 5,000 euros in prizes.”

Paul Pierinelli has already thought about the improvements he will bring next year to this Italian village. But he still keeps all the secrets.

Until October 14, he will always have the opportunity to modify and make the latest improvements to this Chocolate and Corsican Delights Fair. The birthday cake and the candles will certainly be chocolate.

Registration and information: Paul Pierinelli on 06 12 21 38 09; [email protected]

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