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Chips, pizza, beers… your meal tray in front of the Mondial will cost you more

Top start this Sunday, November 20 for the 22nd edition of the Football World Cup, in Qatar. If the competition begins with the Qatar-Ecuador meeting and the French will have to wait until Tuesday to see the entry into the running of the Blues against Australia, many are already preparing. Even if, according to a latest poll commissioned by Le Parisien from OpinionWay, more than one in two French people (54%) have decided not to watch the World Cup. But for the others, there will surely be afternoons or evenings in front of their screen (many cities having decided not to install giant screens), a Nielsen study also shows that 93% will be in front of their television. And the traditional snack products should still be all the rage.

Problem: this year, with inflation, your small meal tray will cost you much more, details La Nouvelle République. For a year, food prices have soared, and in October, the increase was estimated at 6.2%. According to a study carried out by the platform specializing in catalogs and promotions for department stores, Tiendeo, the drinks that are very popular with supporters are not immune to inflation. Coca-Cola, for example, rose by 6.6%, a little more than beer, whose prices rose by 4.5% in one year. Rates that have increased even more if we refer to the last Euro.


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Soaring crisps

But these are not the most affected products, far from it. The prize goes to crisps, the price of which has jumped on average in one year by 15.7%. Thus, their price rose from €2.29 to €2.62, with the main factor being the rise in oil prices, partly because of the war in Ukraine, one of the main producers. Frozen pizzas are not to be outdone with an 8% surge, for an average price estimated today at €2.14 whereas it did not exceed €2 a year ago. Asked by Le Parisien, the French market manager at ShopFully, which owns Tiendeo, believes that consumers are “more and more price-sensitive” and “are looking for the best promotions”. It remains to be seen whether reason will prevail over passion. The accounts will be made in a month.


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