China: US authorities warn Apple not to use YMTC chips

Will Apple take the risk of using NAND memories produced by YMTC? For a few months, the Chinese subcontractor has been on the grill not only of the White House, but also of the Ministry of Commerce. Authorities are investigating whether YMTC may have violated US export control laws by supplying electronic components to Huawei.

Credit: Alexander Andrews, Unsplash

The United States believes that YMTC has very close ties to the Chinese Communist Party and the country’s military. In addition, YMTC would benefit from very generous aid from the Chinese government, which would allow it to happily pull the rug out from under the feet of the competition.

And the pressure is mounting from the side of the US Congress – some representatives even speak of a ” immediate threat — for the Biden administration to put the company on the Department of Commerce’s blacklist, which would ban US groups from supplying it with technology.

If Apple were to do business with YMTC, the American manufacturer would necessarily have to work with the supplier. This would raise questions of national security for the United States. Apple replied that it does not use YMTC chips in its products, however the company was evaluating the possibility of integrating NAND storage memories in certain iPhone models sold in China.

The manufacturer does not plan to use these components in iPhones sold outside of China, and he adds that all data stored on these memories is ” fully encrypted “. This is not enough to reassure the American authorities, because even if the iPhones with YMTC chips do not come out of China, the subcontractor will still have access to Apple technology.


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