Charles III: the king’s unusual privileges

Officially proclaimed king, Charles III will now benefit from a few privileges, some of which are rather unusual.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Charles III became King of England. A title that gives him access to certain rights, each more astonishing than the next.

No license for the king

By his position as a British sovereign, Charles III no longer needs his driving license. He is the only Briton who benefits from this right.

In addition to not needing his license, King Charles III can also do without a passport. Unlike other members of the royal family. The reason for this is none other than these documents are issued in his name.

Suffrage for all except the king

Although he is the highest office of government in England, His Majesty the King does not have the right to vote. His role obliges him to adopt political neutrality. He also cannot stand for election.

Despite everything, he must open the parliamentary sessions and dub the British Prime Minister, with whom he often talks.

One date of birth, but two birthdays

Like his mother, Elizabeth II, Charles III will have the right to two birthdays. One on the day of his birth, surrounded by his loved ones, and a second a few days later, this time more publicly and during official celebrations.

For kings and queens born at colder times of the year, as was the case for Elizabeth II (born April 21, 1926), it is possible to postpone official ceremonies to more summery dates. The Queen therefore used to organize her birthday on the second Saturday of June.

Born on November 14, 1948, Charles III will therefore be able to do the same.

Quite special pets

Charles III is not only the king of the Britons. For several centuries now, the swans present in the country’s open waters have belonged to the monarch.

Each year, a meticulous count is carried out in the Thames to estimate the number of swans. This measure is also part of a preservation measure.

As well as swans, this royal prerogative also applies to sturgeons, dolphins and whales in the waters around the UK.

A recognized poet laureate

If the king is a fan of poetry, he can appoint an official poet who will be assigned to him. This role is awarded every ten years and is rewarded with a cask of sherry.

The latest poet appointed by Queen Elizabeth II is Simon Armitage, now 59. He was named Poet Laureate in 2019 and succeeded poet Carol Ann Duffy. She was the first woman to be chosen since the start of this royal tradition which dates back to the 17th century.

royal warrant

What better than the royal coat of arms to advertise? Brands that supply the crown have the privilege of being able to feature them on their products.

Burberry, Jaguar, Land Rover and even Samsung are among the companies that benefit from this royal warrant.

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