Charles III: discover the crazy demands of the new sovereign

Former employees of the newly proclaimed King Charles III, confided in the demands of the son of Elizabeth II.

Eye for detail. While he has just ascended the throne, Charles III is the subject of a whole bunch of anecdotes about his little quirks. This week, the New York Post even had fun compiling the craziest of them, reported over time by the staff of the son of Elizabeth II.

Thus, according to what Paul Burrell, the former butler of Lady Diana, had told, an instruction would require that the laces of the father of William and Harry be ironed daily, another that be precisely spread “two centimeters of toothpaste on his brush teeth”. The requirements would also pass with regard to his bathtub, which must be “half filled at a temperature just lukewarm and the drain must be placed in a certain position”.

A few weeks ago, journalist Tina Brown had meanwhile reported that the former Prince of Wales would be very concerned about hygiene and that he would ask his employees to carry his personal toilet seat on all his trips, as well as toilet paper of a specific brand.

Furniture, his bed and photos would also precede him wherever he goes. And so as not to break with his eating habits, boxes containing his breakfasts with “homemade bread, a bowl of fresh fruit, squeezed fruit juices, six different types of honey, a special type of muesli and its fruits secs” would be concocted in advance to be taken away, ready to be served.

Everything is therefore done so that the one who has long been nicknamed “the pampered prince” keeps his little daily routine. And beware of addicts… A simple leaky pen this week provoked the wrath of the sovereign.

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