Central Park: season 3 pushes the song on Apple TV + (first 3 episodes available)

central park season 3 is available today on Apple TV+. The animated musical series is teeming with absolutely delightful musical comedy ideas and sequences. Admittedly, the tone is a little less acerbic than what one would have expected at the start of the series, but Central Park is still worth a look, especially as the French version (even in the songs) comes out really with honors (the voices are however often a bit better in the American version especially during the sung passages). Kristen Bell, Josh Gad or even Stanley Tucci reveal sacred vocal talents! The Season 3 premiere opens a new chapter for the Tillerman family as a crime drama is being filmed in the park.

The voices of the French version are still provided by Emmylou Homs (Molly Tillerman), Jean-Michel Vaubien (Cole Tillerman), Guillaume Beaujolais (Hélène, Bitsy’s assistant), Thierry Wermuth (Birdie, the narrator), Olivier Podesta (Birdie on vocals), Barbara Beretta (Paige Hunter), Pascal Nowak (Owen Tillerman), and Bernard Alane (Bitsy Brandenham).

The first three episodes of season 3 of Central Park are available on the Apple TV+ subscription service.

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