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Carvin: he is refused a pizza, he exhibits two bladed weapons

A very alcoholic man lost his nerves and threatened a food-truck manager with a knife and a cutter, Friday evening, Place Gambetta in Carvin. He was presented in court on Monday.

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He had probably not planned to end his evening with two weapons under his chin. Friday in Carvin, a restaurateur was threatened by a drunk individual armed with a knife and a box cutter. All this for a refused slice of pizza…

Back to the facts. Friday therefore, an evening is organized place Gambetta in the pharmacy of the district. For the occasion, a food-truck serving pizzas has been set up to fill the bellies of the guests. Everything is going for the best. Until 11 p.m. when the manager stops serving.

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A man walks up to her, obviously drunk. He wants pizza. The boss rejects him. It is at this moment that the visitor pulls out a knife, then a box cutter, threatening the restorer. The latter dodges the attempted blows, then pursues the aggressor who has run to take refuge in a house, not far from there.

The man will be arrested by the police in the process. He is not only being prosecuted for violence with a weapon, but also for trespassing. Facts of which he don’t remember “, once his sobering up finished at the police station. This 29-year-old Carvinois also had a prison sentence to serve. He was presented on Monday to the Béthune court, which was to rule on his detention.

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