Capucine Anav pregnant: she reveals the sex and first name of her baby!

Capucine Anav couldn’t be happier: her dream is about to come true. The 31-year-old will become a mother for the first time. It is with her fiancé Victor that she will welcome her baby in a handful of months. Capucine Anav had announced the good news once the dreaded first trimester had passed and, since then, she has not hesitated to confide in her pregnancy. Her extra pounds, her bouts of fatigue or even her difficulties in getting pregnant, the former candidate of Secret Story (2012) mentioned all the subjects that were close to his heart. She had also promised her community to officially reveal the sex and first name of her future child when she is sure “100%“. And she hadn’t lied!

In the pages of the new issue of Paris Match, Capucine Anav has lifted the veil on everything. “It’s a girl and her name will be Lola! I’m so happy, it was my dream. As a child, I was the real little girl. I will be able to continue playing dolls with mine...”, she enthused. And to clarify: “The delivery is scheduled for the end of November, the beginning of December.“.

During her interview with our colleagues, Capucine Anav also said more about how she announced that she was pregnant to her companion: “Victor had lost a pair of sunglasses. I slipped the positive pregnancy test into a case and waited for him to return to tell him that I had received a similar pair through a partnership. He opened it, he looked at me and said: ‘But are you pregnant?’ This is the first time a tear has run down his face.

The emotion was undoubtedly all the greater for the couple who did not think they would succeed in having a child in a natural way. “I was about to do IVF. We had been trying for years. I searched the internet and saw that lymphatic drainage could be a solution. The next day it worked! If it works for me, it may work for other people“, shared Capucine Anav as a message of hope. Now all she wants is for her baby”be in good health“and that her marriage to Victor”is going well“.

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