Capucine Anav pregnant: she breaks the silence on her difficult start to pregnancy

Capucine Anav is having a difficult start to her pregnancy. After announcing that she was expecting a child with her companion Victor Dumas, with whom she has been in a relationship since 2020, the 31-year-old young woman went from dream to reality. Tuesday July 12, 2022, Capucine Anav confessed to having a “hard day” in her Instagram story where she was an accomplice alongside her darling: “Fortunately he is there to make me laugh”.

“Fortunately” ? It is the case to say it because, behind her smile, Capucine Anav displayed a small mine in the story which followed his post with Victor. Lying on her bed where you can see her rounded belly, the young woman expressed this: “I can’t wait for tomorrow, for this day to be over, because I had a little complicated day. In any case the positive in all this is that now you are aware“, she said to her subscribers. Now I no longer need to hide, to lie about my absence from social networks. I can express myself. You can be a little more understanding (…) Between fatigue, stomach pains today, my grandpa who is in the hospital because of the Covid… Frankly, it has not been a day super super simple so I can’t wait to be tomorrow and take the floor to explain everything to you.

If I don’t have children, I’ve missed my life

For Capucine Anav, the forthcoming arrival of her first child is what could be called a godsend. In an interview with Paris Match last February, the young woman nevertheless admitted her difficulty in having children, the only thing missing from her happiness: I dream of having a family, of being a mother, I want it to happen quickly. I did all the exams, apparently everything is fine but it would be in my head, I have to manage to let go… And one day maybe my belly will grow, in any case I very much hope so very strong because clearly if I don’t have children, I missed my life. I was made to be a mom.

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