Camo challenges Apple’s Continuity Camera with variable frame rates, smart zoom and video stabilization

Reincubate Camo, the nifty app that lets you use iPhone as a Mac webcam with advanced and precise control has come out with its latest update. The new version brings variable frame rates to customize your video up to 60fps, and comes with a new smart zoom plus video stabilization.

Reincubate announced the major Camo 1.8 update today in a blog post. Notably, the app offers advanced functionality beyond what will come with Apple’s Continuity Camera in macOS Ventura.

Variable frame rates

“One of the most popular Camo feature requests was support for variable frame rates, including 60 fps, and today we’re making that a reality. Camo now allows users to choose from a range of frame rates between 15 and 60 fps, allowing them to capture and stream smooth footage for use with Twitch and YouTube.

In this range, you can choose:

  • 15 fps
  • 24 fps
  • 25 fps
  • 30 fps
  • 50 fps
  • 60 fps

Smart Zoom

The second handy feature is Smart Zoom which will avoid using digital zoom wherever possible and mimic lossless optical zoom. Here’s how Reincubate describes the feature:

“For example, when zoomed to 720p, Camo will now crop from 1080p or 4K source footage, depending on the zoom depth. In practice, this indicates that users can now zoom and crop their scenes without any loss in image quality. “Smart Zoom” can be enabled in Camo Studio’s Preferences dialog under the General tab.

Video stabilization

Whether you’re using a standing desk or smashing your keyboard hard enough to bounce your iPhone’s camera, this will be a welcome addition:

“Smart Zoom” is complemented by Camo’s new Image Stabilization feature, a remarkably effective new option for eliminating visible camera shake. We’ve found that some users with standing desks are experiencing vibration issues, where typing can cause their laptops, monitors, or cameras to wobble slightly. Users who like to beat with mechanical keyboards will especially appreciate this. Image stabilization can be turned on or off by checking the “Stabilize video” box.

Vibration control

Finally, Camo 1.8 also comes with a vibrance control:

“Vibrance allows users to boost or tone down the dullest colors in a way that’s less heavy and artificial than using saturation control. In particular, when users feel that subtle tones or skin tones aren’t shown to their preference with the white balance setting, Vibrance is a useful tool to even things out. Camo’s updated brightness control allows for finer adjustments that more users will find useful.

Get Camo 1.8

Camo 1.8 is now available for Mac, iOS and Windows. You can read more about Camo on the Reincubate website here, and you can download the iOS app from the App Store to try it out for free. To unlock all features, Camo Pro is priced at $39.99/year (£29.16/year, €33.99 plus EU VAT/year) or also available as a lifetime license for $79.99 .

Check out this video below for more Apple news:

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