Camille Cerf proud of her shape despite her weight gain: her fans won over by her video in a swimsuit

Proud of her body… and in love!

beautiful woman“, commented the former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves. Other personalities such as former Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais Laura Cornillot, journalist Charlotte Namura, Charlotte Caron de Koh Lanta or the make-up artist Salima Aliani also slipped a compliment to the native of Calais. “Atomic bomb“, “So pretty“, “so hot“, reacted to other Internet users. Camille Cerf is proud of her body and she is right, especially since she is magnificent, as evidenced by her status as a former Miss France.

To face the criticism, she can count on the support of her darling Théo Fleury, with whom she has been living a real waking dream for a few months. A story that becomes visibly very serious since the two lovebirds have recently made the decision to buy a house together. Congratulations to the couple!

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