Caliber 6 optimized for Apple Silicon Macs and with full research

Caliber 6 is available and this major update adds two significant new features, one of which is particularly interesting for recent Mac users. This manager of digital books which integrates its own reader and especially several editing tools for files is indeed optimized Apple Silicon with this update. Rosetta 2 is no longer required to launch the app, since its code is now optimized for both hardware platforms, Intel and Apple Silicon.

Caliber 6 in action on macOS Monterey.

This change required a major update to its foundations, with a move to QT 6 to create Caliber’s interface. From the user’s point of view, this changes little or nothing, with an interface that is still far from macOS standards. On the other hand, these new foundations can break modules and it should also be noted that the app is no longer compatible with 32 bits under Windows and Windows 8 has been abandoned. On the Linux side, computers running ARM can also benefit from an optimized app, like on Macs.

The other big new feature is the ability to index all content in books stored in Caliber’s library. Once this is done, the app will be able to find a word in any book, without having to open it individually. A powerful function, but technically demanding, which explains why it remains disabled by default. If you want to take advantage of it, click on the FT icon to the left of the search field, activate indexing and wait for the app to do its job (you can also start indexing immediately), then you can perform transversal research.

The search on all books in the library in action.

Two other new features to note for this version 6.0: the possibility of listening to digital books using the voice engine integrated into the system and an enriched specific link, to automate the app. This update requires macOS 10.15 at least, you will have to stay on the 5.x branch if your Mac uses an older version. Caliber is a free and open-source app whose source code is distributed on GitHub.

The Caliber 6 interface is translated into French, but you have to activate the language in the app settings.


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