Calendar 366: a subscription-free alternative to Apple Calendar

There’s no shortage of calendar apps for Apple’s platforms, but there’s a trend for their publishers to migrate to subscription. This was again the case recently for Readdle’s Calendar when it was ported to macOS. n.spektor’s Calendar 366 can be a solution for those who want a package that works anywhere, is more complete than Apple’s Calendar and subscription-free like the big competitors.

This app — which relies on iCloud, Google, Exchange, Outlook, and CalDAV — isn’t new, but it’s been mentioned from time to time in our readers’ comments. The mobile version is sold for €7.99, however an LE version allows it to be tested in large widths, with some key functions reserved for the paid version. On macOS, it’s another app, also paying at €14.99 with a demo valid for 30 days and distributed from the author’s site.


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