C to you arrested: a cult member of the show dies suddenly, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine shot…

This return to school is off to a bad start. A few days before the start of the new school year, the program C à vous can be seen pause. Due to the death of a loved one, enough to completely return Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. She spoke about it. We tell you everything here.

Change in the air

It was on the set of the show C à vous last Monday that the presenter announced some very sad news. While the show was just back, she is put on hold. But barely a few days before the big return of the showof the changes had been announced.

Indeed, C à vous has some changes to expect according to the presenter who declares “The first part does not move. In part 2, in novelty, there is the humorous tablet “I was at that”. The sequence ‘L’œil de Pierre’ will now conclude a notepad carried by all the columnists. These are marginal adjustmentsyou shouldn’t say ‘Come on, we’re changing everything!”.

The C à vous host continues her confession to 20 Minutes, saying that “Our viewers love the family represented by C à Vous. It’s good to have a new face. This two-and-a-half-minute pastille on the setbacks of a thirty-year-old [incarnée par Zoé Bruneau] allows you to have a different story, a different profile. It is a very produced, angled and funny mini-fiction: each time the character ‘was at that‘. It corresponds to the spirit of C à Vous where we are always a bit close to perfection”.

C to you in mourning

But if viewers were impatiently waiting to find their own C show, they were sadly disappointed. Indeed, when they were ready for the big return of the show, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine announces tragic news. It turns out that the team of It’s up to you to stay very close. This is precisely why the whole show seems turned upside down.

In reality, the cameraman from C à vous who is in charge of taking photos of the guests lost his life recently. It was then that very sadly, the host decided to dedicate the entire Monday issue to this man who had been following her for many years. “The show is dedicated this evening to the memory of Sébastien Amaurywho accompanied us from the beginning of the adventure behind his camera, but always with a smile. We have learned of his disappearance at the end of the summer. The whole team from C à vous wanted pay homage to him tonight”.

So, although the entire C crew to you, whether on camera or behind the camera, are in mourning, the show returns. She simply took a break for this sadly celebrated day. Thus, the show will return to normal for the next edition. The host added that “Tonight, we turn to Sébastien and to all who love himand to Nicolas to greet our viewers”. It is a beautiful tribute that the cameraman would have, we hope, appreciated. Even if it takes time for the team to forget this loss, the show must continue. And that’s also what motivate the troops.

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