Buitoni pizza affair: the CEO’s apologies

Finally, a few words of apology from the CEO of Nestlé France. This mother of a victim discovered them in the press this morning. “For me, it’s strategic. I don’t actually see the sincerity.” Last March, Mila, her 7-year-old daughter, was hospitalized after eating a Buitoni brand pizza. Right now, beyond an apology, Sonia is waiting for those responsible to be convicted. At the heart of a health scandal, Buitoni, the French leader in frozen pizza, is suspected of having caused the death of two children and of having poisoned dozens of others. After long months of silence, the president of the parent group, Christophe Cornu finally speaks. “More than a crisis, it is a human drama, where families and children are affected. I want to express my deepest sympathy today. And apologize,” he said. Promise of Nestlé France, the creation on September 1 of a compensation fund for victims of food infections caused by the bacterium Escherichia coli. An announcement still too vague for Me Richard Legrand, lawyer at the Paris bar. “We do not even know the amounts that are proposed. These amounts must not be derisory. We do not yet have all the elements and we will remain extremely vigilant regarding these proposals”, he warns. After the search within one of the brand’s factories which had revealed serious health deficiencies. A judicial inquiry was opened last May. The investigation could take several months or even years. TF1 | Report B. Guenais, C. Madronet, A. Guillet


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