Buitoni case: the 55 victims claim 250 million euros from Nestlé

On March 18, the Buitoni affair broke out, affecting 56 people, including 55 children aged 1 to 15. Two of them died, poisoned after eating Fraîch’Up pizzas, a priori carrying E. coli bacteria. Me Pierre Debuisson, in charge of their defense, asks the giant Nestlé, the parent company of Buitoni, nearly 250 million euros on behalf of 55 victims, reports the JDD, Sunday, September 18. According to the lawyer, who is therefore initiating a new civil action for “gross negligence”, the multinational would not have guaranteed “the quality of the product offered for sale”. We need a “reparation at the height of the human dramas”, pleads the latter for whom this affair is “the biggest food scandal in Europe of the last thirty years”.

For Yohan Aïech, the father of little Nathan, 8, who died in the winter of 2022, the drama, or rather the “nightmare”, is now continuous. “Nestlé has ruined our lives, they have to pay,” he told our colleagues. On April 23, about fifty parents, whose children had fallen ill, with sequelae such as kidney failure, had decided to file a complaint against the brand so that “no child ends up in the hospital for a simple end. pizza”.


Pizza Buitoni: around fifty parents file a complaint so that their children do not “end up in the hospital for a piece of pizza”

Lack of hygiene denounced by employees of the Caudry factory

A judicial investigation for “manslaughter” and “unintentional injuries” was then initiated on May 12, opening a criminal component to this case. The latter is far from closed, since several employees of the Caudry factory in the North, from where the Buitoni health scandal broke out, denounced breaches in terms of hygiene which would date back several years, reported our colleagues. of the Cellule investigation de Radio France on September 10th. Despite these new elements, Nestlé explained, Thursday, September 15, that it could restart the factory in November, if it got the green light from the authorities.


Buitoni affair: new testimonies overwhelm the Caudry factory, Nestlé defends itself

Nestlé, which apologized to the families of victims through the voice of the boss of the French branch in July in the columns of Le Figaro, opened a compensation fund on September 1. The group also published results of samples taken in the factory, according to which the E. coli bacterium would have been found in the flour, but not in the factory.


Health scandals: is Buitoni finished?

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