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Last May, Apple released iOS 15.5 and iPad OS 15.5. These new versions of its operating system offer a number of improvements, but they also seem to be problematic for Apple Books users. The website 9to5Mac indeed reports that the service has simply stopped working in some cases.

A bug fixed by iOS 15.6?

However, it is currently impossible to estimate the number of people affected by this bug, even if by observing the opinions published online, our colleagues were able to see that they were quite numerous.

Quoted by 9to5Mac, one of them rightly expresses his great disappointment: “ I can’t open any books after 15.5 update, it’s really bad “. While another adds: My iPad’s primary purpose is reading and I constantly struggle to read “.

If you are affected by this bug, however, there is good news. It seems that the problem is solved for all those who are already using the beta version of iOS 15.6. The latter will be available for all those who wish in the coming weeks.

In this article, we have come back to all the new features of this beta version. It should therefore, if all goes well, also fix these bugs. Note that we are also awaiting the release of iOS 16, which will be released this fall. And we have again identified the many innovations that should improve the experience on the iPhone.

On your side, have you noticed any problems with the use of Apple Books if you are using iOS 15.5?

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