Brigitte Bardot and Patrick Sabatier as a couple? The former star presenter confides

Former iconic face of TF1 In the 90sPatrick Sabatier made the good times of the first channel, before experiencing a long crossing of the desert. It was in the 1970s that Patrick Sabatier began his career as a radio host, on the antenna ofEuropean 1. In charge of the weekend afternoons, he was dismissed by the station management after a few weeks. Ultimately, he will be recruited by competition in 1976, since he joined the ranks of RTL. Until 1993, Patrick Sabatier was present on the antenna of the station every morning. On the television side, the host presented his first show on TF1 in 1976. He was in command of Wednesday visitors until 1980. His television career will truly take on another dimension when he is chosen to present the cult show Wanted poster on the first channel.

During his career on TF1Patrick Sabatier has presented numerous programs such as: Atout Coeur, Lucky Charm, The Game of Truth, Family Life, And if we told each other everything?, or even All in one. Like many French animators at the end of the 80s, Patrick Sabatier was offered a golden bridge by Silvio Berlusconi to join his new channel: The Five. However, his adventure on this antenna was of very short duration, since he will quickly return to the side of TF1. Unfortunately for him, his career (…)


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