Boss Incognito: “Never seen someone so undrinkable”, Internet users shocked by the behavior of an employee

Boss Incognito was back on M6, this Monday, August 1, 2022. In this new episode, we were able to follow Emmanuel Tedesco and Ouriel Hodara, founders and managers of the Yogurt Factory yogurt ice cream brand. The two bosses played along and disguised themselves to infiltrate three of their stores as trainees. In the first, located in Soulac-sur-mer, Ouriel Hodara, who played the role of a trainee named David, and who unlike some has not forgotten his false identity, came to meet Brian, 24 years old , assistant store manager. If the latter chains the hours of work, sometimes even working from 8 a.m. to midnight, his objectives are elsewhere: he dreams of becoming a firefighter.

I give you a headbutt

And we can say that his military side quickly emerged in front of his apprentices. “For the activity we do here, it’s on the seafront and it’s seasonal. We need people, who strike, who strike, who strike. You have to understand quickly and you have to send wood. In principle, from the first day, we see if it matches or not” he declares, before indicating that here, “the customer is not king“.

But the worst happens when the trainee, who, we remember, is actually the boss of the company, took the order from a client by slipping: “Dark chocolate ? Excellent choice, you have to let go“. A remark that particularly annoyed Brian: “Uh David, you tell me, come on, you have to let yourself go, I go around and give you a headbutt… Ah yes yes yes, it can be misinterpreted, I tell you

Internet users shocked

Brian’s very directive behavior shocked many viewers and the first reactions were quick to appear on Twitter.

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