BLACKPINK Concert Ticket Prices Worry Korean Fans

As K-pop group BLACKPINK plans to meet fans around the world through their world tour, the price of tickets for the Seoul concert has drawn a lot of attention.

Last week, the ticket price for the “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR” concert [BORN PINK] SEOUL” was unveiled on the Interpark Ticket booking site.

According to the announcement, the most expensive “Platinum Pink” category costs 264,000 won (about 198.50 euros). If you book this area, you can have access to the Soundcheck of BLACKPINK members before the start of the concert.

blackpink concert price 2022

Additionally, special merchandise will be provided to fans who have purchased tickets in this category.

The second is “BLINK Plus” which costs 176,000 won (about 132 euros), and you can also watch the Soundcheck. The “BLINK Standard” category is 154,000 won (about 116 euros).

BLACKPINK's concert ticket prices have Korean fans worried
BLACKPINK Third Anniversary Fan Meeting Prize “BLACKPINK 2019 PRIVATE STAGE [Chapter 1] held in 2019 was 88,000 won for the VIP category and 77,000 won for the R category.

In addition, the prize for the first concert of BLACKPINK’s world tour “BLACKPINK 2018 TOUR [IN YOUR AREA] SEOUL X BC CARD” held in 2018 was 110,000 won for all seats.

BLACKPINK's concert ticket prices have Korean fans worried

Concert ticket prices have more than doubled in recent years.

The prize for BTS’s “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” held in March was 220,000 won for the VIP category and 165,000 won for the general category.

The price for IU’s concert “The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun” to be held in September is 165,000 won for the VIP category, 143,000 won for the R category, 121,000 won for the S category and 99,000 won for category A.


The price of the VIP category of IU’s concert and the regular category of BLACKPINK’s concert is almost similar.

On the other hand, some said that fans who book the most expensive “Platinum Pink” category of the BLACKPINK concert can see the soundcheck and receive merchandise, so it’s a bit absurd to think that the ticket price is dear.

blackpink concert price 2022 born pink

However, some have expressed concern that the price of other singers’ concert tickets may also increase after BLACKPINK’s concert.

On the other hand, the world tour entitled “Born Pink” will begin with concerts on October 15 and 16 in Seoul, then will continue it in countries of North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania for a total of 36 concerts in 26 cities around the world.

BLACKPINK's concert ticket prices have Korean fans worried

Right after the concerts in Seoul, the four girls will travel to the United States and Canada for concerts in Dallas (Oct. 25), Houston (Oct. 29), Atlanta (Nov. 2), Hamilton (Nov. 6 and 7). ), Chicago (Nov. 10 and 11), Newark (Nov. 14 and 15) and Los Angeles (Nov. 19). In Europe, Blackpink will give concerts in Paris on December 11 and 12, before London (Dec. 1), Barcelona (Dec. 5), Cologne (Dec. 8), Berlin (Dec. 18) and Amsterdam (Dec. 22). before the end of this year.

For the first half of 2023, Blackpink will perform in Asia and the Middle East, including Bangkok (Jan. 7 and 8), Hong Kong (Jan. 13 and 14), Riyadh (Jan. 20), Abu Dhabi (Jan. 28), Kuala Lumpur (March 4), Jakarta (March 11), Kaohsiung (March 18), Manila (March 25) and Singapore (May 15). In Oceania, the Blackpink girls will be in Melbourne (June 10 and 11), Sydney (June 16 and 17) and Auckland (June 21).


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