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Blackbird Bordeaux service delivers your pizza to you!

This catering delivery service is made in Bordeaux, the courier Blackbird works by bike only. A different and committed delivery, as soon as possible and with the best service. An application to communicate with customers, which has also been developed and produced by Bordeaux developers, a guarantee of quality and responsiveness.

Thomas Galharague: Getting delivered with Blackbird is a local choice, from order to delivery.

Thomas Galharague is the designer and food reporter of the Bordeauxfood blog, on which you will find essential addresses in Bordeaux, and other up-and-coming addresses, articles and podcasts. Thomas Galharague is a native of the Basque Country, and is passionate about gastronomy to the point of always being in search of good products, good tables. What also drives this gourmand – gourmet is the present moment, Thomas never ceases to discover the talent of Chefs, you can easily come across this blogger in places where gastronomy is expressed. is present on various media such as social networks (Facebook, Instagram) or in replay on podcast platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, etc.)

Thomas Galharague from Bordeaux food
Thomas Galharague from Bordeaux food © Radio France

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