Bixente Lizarazu: The clash continues with Anne-Sophie Lapix, who adds a layer!

If there are two who love their region more than anything, that’s fine. Bixente Lizarazu and Anne-Sophie Lapix ! Both from the Basque Country, they share in common the fact of being born in the same city, Saint-Jean-de-Luz (Pyrénées-Atlantiques), a few years apart since the 50-year-old journalist and the world champion 52 years old. Very close in life, the two celebrities like to tease each other on social networks and for several months now, we have been witnessing a very good-natured little battle on Instagram. It was Claire Keim’s companion who launched hostilities by declaring that the 8 p.m. presenter was not “not good at sunset photos”.

Determined to prove the opposite, Arthur Sadoun’s wife has chosen to take up Bixente Lizarazu’s little challenge and for some time now, the two friends have been sending each other sunset photos from their native region where they like to recharge their batteries. After a short period of calm, Anne-Sophie Lapix decided to resume the little challenge full of humor between them. On her Instagram account, where she is followed by 43,000 subscribers, she posted two beautiful sunset photos two days ago and she did not forget to tell the former footballer. “Hello Bixente Lizarazu! Are you sleeping?”she says.

Tximista and Uhaina’s father was quick to react to this little provocation and obviously he is not in a physical condition to respond to this attack via social media. “I can’t use my arm”, he explains without giving more details. It was enough for Anne-Sophie Lapix to send him a particularly salty response! “I thought you took them with your feet so far”replies the journalist.

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