Big screen and big battery for the “Extreme Sports” Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman

The “rugged” Apple Watch for extreme athletes and adventurers will have a larger screen, a bigger battery and a hardened metal case, assures Mark Gurman this evening. Bouncing off the rumor a few days ago about a third screen size, the snooper of Bloomberg explains that this new model will have a slab of almost 2 inches diagonally.

Picture: Apple

This new screen will benefit from a display area approximately 7% larger than the largest current screen of the Apple Watch (1.9 inches), with a definition of 410 x 502 pixels, against 396 x 484 for the case 45 mm (352 x 430 for the 41 mm). The metal of the case will not be aluminum, the screen will be more resistant to breakage, and the improved battery will allow athletes to use sports tracking longer.

The rest of the 2022 lineup — Series 8 and 2nd Gen SE — will retain their current screen sizes (1.7-inch for 41mm cases, 1.9-inch for 45mm). Contrary to what several analysts suggested, the case of this “hardened” Apple Watch will not measure 50 mm, it will be less than that.

The temperature sensor should be present on the Series 8 as well as on this new model. All these watches would work with an S8 chip, with similar performance to the S7 (Series 7) and which itself did not have much more than the S6 (Series 6).

It heats up for the temperature sensor of the

It heats up for the temperature sensor of the Apple Watch Series 8


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