Between Apple and Jony Ive, it would definitely be over

This time, the cord is well and truly cut. Since the announcement of his departure in 2019 and the creation of his own design studio, Jony Ive had not stopped working with Apple on all kinds of projects, such as the iMac M1 or dials for the Apple Watch. But it is now over, according to the New York Times.

Days of Happy Times, September 2018. Image: Apple

The former chief designer of Apple and the group would indeed have agreed to end this contractual agreement. The contract that bound the two parties, and which therefore lasted a little less than three years (Jony Ive having left Apple at the end of 2019), was estimated at more than 100 million dollars, enough to put a lot of butter in the spinach from the very young studio LoveFrom, created with Marc Newson.

This deal prohibited Jony Ive from working with companies that competed with Apple in any business. LoveFrom’s customers are Ferrari, Airbnb, or even the British crown (Ive also did cleaning, with Hermès for example, to boil the pot). Tomorrow, could it be that Samsung or Microsoft come knocking at the door of the studio?

The contract was close to expiration and by mutual agreement, no one wanted to extend it. According to NYT, some Apple executives wondered about the amount paid by the manufacturer to offer the services of Ive; many also took it badly that the latter stole designers from his former employer to fill the ranks of LoveFrom.

The end of the contractual relationship between Ive and Apple does not change the current organization within the company. It is Jeff Williams, the director of operations, who continues to supervise the teams in charge of design, while industrial design is managed by Evans Hankey and software design by Alan Dye.

Has Apple definitively turned the page on Jony Ive?

Has Apple definitively turned the page on Jony Ive?


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