Benjamin Biolay reveals an unusual detail of the marriage of François Hollande and Julie Gayet

It is an ultra private ceremony to which Benjamin Biolay was invited, on June 4, in Tulle. After 10 years of love, former President François Hollande has agreed to marry the actress and producer, Julie Gayet. And the couple had invited very few relatives.

On the side of the bride, it is the singer of “The superb” who was chosen as a witness, as reported by the media. A few months later, the singing star reveals some details about the ceremony, in the columns of Paris Match. He explains in fact: “It was great to be with François Hollande in Corrèze, where there is another way to see him“.

And to add about the politician “He’s someone I really like, I don’t feel like I’m friends with a former President of the Republic”. For proof of this simplicity of old “regular president”Benjamin Biolay reveals a detail that he noted during the ceremony, and which is important: “When he got married, the mayor presented him as an adviser to the Court of Auditors”, he said.

With him, we don’t know if Benjamin Biolay likes to talk politics, “one of his passions”but he admits that he was not very interested in the last campaign… And for good reason, he says: “I’m not disappointed with Macron and his band, since I never believed in them. So no animosity or empathy. But startup nation is definitely not for me. Macron is only the symptom of a very profound societal change”.

Finally, faithful to his friend, François Hollande, Benjamin Biolay does not take it for “solely responsible” of the rise to power of the former Minister of the Economy, even if he admits on this one “a fault of the left”.



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