“Bedridden” in Bali, actress Mathilda May awaits her repatriation to France, “devastated” by dengue fever

“Repatriation in a few days…” In a long text published on Instagram, actress Mathilda May announces that she is “stuck in a hospital bed in Bali (in indonesia), struck down by the dengue virus”, describing “difficult days, immobilized without being able to eat or drink”. In this text, Mathilda May writes above all her admiration for the French hospital and its healthcare system, although in “agony”.

“I think of the luck of being French”, writes Mathilda May. And the actress continues: “It is clear that where I am, without mutual insurance, I would not have had access to this overpriced hospital (imagine with local salaries…) It is therefore the great luxury here to to be treated in hospital, as in many other countries, alas. “I am thinking of our French health system, which is dying when it is one of the most beautiful constructions of which France has always been able to be proud,” she continues.

Dengue fever is a virus that is mainly transmitted by mosquito bites, mainly “in tropical and intertropical zones”, writes Public Health France, in a dedicated sheet. Dengue is asymptomatic in 50 to 90% of cases. For the other cases, there are two forms: the classic one, with high fever, chills, headaches or vomiting; the severe one, which can lead to death.

Mathilda May, 57, has starred in dozens of films since the 1980s. We have seen her in Michel Deville’s “All Sentences Confounded”, “Le Chacal” by Michael Caton-Jones or more recently “Les Infidèles”. by Jean Dujardin and Gilles Lelouche or “The Way to Happiness” by Nicolas Steil. We have also been able to see her on television, in “Love at first sight in Bangkok”, “Delit de Fuite” or “Camera café”.

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