Batman: Caped Crusader: JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves met with Apple, Netflix and Amazon

A few weeks ago, HBO Max decided to hand over the series Batman: Caped Crusader of Bruce Timm. But, good news for fans of the creator, the project has not been abandoned for good. In lack of cash, Warner Bros. simply decided to apply the “method Sandman” to this new original creation – namely, to simply co-produce and entrust another platform with the task of financing and broadcasting the series. JJ Abrams and Matt Reevesto development via the companies bad robot and 6th & Idahobegan the presentations with the potential buyers of the SVOD sector.

Negotiations in Gotham

the HollywoodReporter explains that the two producers, together with Bruce Timmhave been at work since last week to find a new home in Batman: Caped Crusader. netflixwhich already collaborates with Warner Bros.but also Prime Video (Amazon) and AppleTV+ would be in the line of sight to integrate the product into their distribution schedules. The name of Huluwhich had been circulating for a while as a credible lead, does not appear in this rescue campaign.

Note in passing that even if the series has not yet found a buyer, the journalist Boyrs Kit had already explained that the machines had not been shut down on the side of the artistic teams. Abrams and Reeves are clearly determined to place the project somewhere, and with the least possible development compared to what had been planned. Good news for one of the most anticipated animated series in the superhero galaxy, with an impressive list of talents mobilized in the creation.

As to whether having a series Batman elsewhere than on Cartoon Network Where HBO Max would not be counter-productive in the long run for the brand image of Warner Bros., let’s just say that it will take some getting used to. And even for a whole bunch of other products.

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