Batman Caped Crusader: Apple, Netflix, Hulu and others interested in recovering Bruce TImm’s animated series

It seems fairly obvious that a project such as Batman: Caped Crusadera new animated series around the Black Knight headed by the giant Bruce Timmwas not going to remain abandoned for long afterHBO Max decided to lay hands on it. In its latest newsletter, the HollywoodReporter therefore reports to us without surprise that the animation series is at the heart of all the attention on the part of the other big platforms of streaming.

A new home for Batman: Caped Crusader

It is important to keep this element in mind: if HBO Max has decided not to host within it Batman: Caped Crusaderit is above all for financial reasons, Warner Bros. Discovery considering that it will be more advantageous from an economic point of view to sale the series to other platforms, compared to the revenue generated by the subscriptions that would be motivated by this same series. If the new strategy on the streaming operated by Zaslav has to take, then it’s to be expected that a lot of Warner content will end up elsewhere, going against the “all Warner in one place” brand identity that was meant to be HBO Max.

Re Batman: Caped Crusaderthe HollywoodReporter therefore explains that quite naturally, Apple, Hulu Where netflix, among “others”, have already expressed interest in taking over the project, with calls already underway. A good thing for the business of Warnerbut also for fans of Bruce Timm, since it seems quite unthinkable that such a project could not see the light of day. Undoubtedly, the public will be able to discover the animated series in due time (whatever it is). Where ? This is the question to which we are waiting to have the answer.


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