back to the origin of his estrangement with Michel Sardou

Louane: back to the origin of his estrangement with Michel Sardou (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

This Saturday August 27, 2022, “The Voice Kids” is back on TF1. The opportunity to find Louane, former flagship candidate of tele-hook, who has since come a long way. Especially on the big screen. In 2014, his role in “The Bélier family” earned him honors… but also the wrath of Michel Sardou. We explain why.

In 2013, Louane dazzled French audiences for the very first time by trying her luck in “The Voice”. If she ultimately did not win the competition, still climbing to the semi-finals, the young woman still does not know what he is waiting for. Because it is thanks to her time on the show that the director Éric Lartigau spotted her. Charmed, he offers her the role of Paula, whose parents, farmers, are deaf. In 2014, “La famille Bélier” was released on the big screen and was a hit with French audiences, the success even going beyond the borders of France. Holder of a César for best female hope thanks to her role, Louane is at the top of her game. Because in the film, it is his cover of Michel Sardou’s song, “Je vole”, which hits the mark. Except that in full glory, the young actress and singer was caught up in the whirlwind of a lively controversy which for a time opposed her to Michel Sardou, himself…

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An embarrassing sequence that sets fire to the powder

Back in 2015. At that time, Louane and the film crew, made up in particular of Karin Viard and François Damiens, were in full promotion all over France. Invited on the set of “Touche Pas à Mon Poste”, Louane politely refused to perform the film’s song, “Je vole”. “I don’t have the right. I don’t have the right to sing it. I’m sorry,” she replied to Cyril Hanouna, creating a slight discomfort on the set of the show. An altogether intriguing answer which had forced those close to the young singer to provide some justification afterwards: “Louane was returning from a trip, she was tired. She had to do three titles, and did not expect that we asked her to sing this song. She was taken aback. (…) We were never asked for an interpretation of ‘Je vole’ for this show. Only her two hits”.

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The case could have ended there. Except that this live incident had been preceded by a short sentence dropped by Louane a few days earlier. Then interviewed by Le Parisien, the young woman had declared about the famous title “I fly”: “Sardou, for me, it was not corny but… a little anyway… A little old-fashioned what. Sacrilege! Always ready to put a coin in the machine of the shock sentence, Michel Sardou had not hesitated to answer these words, a bit pricked in his ego…

Michel Sardou attacks, Louane justifies himself

We are still in 2015, and Michel Sardou is not losing his temper. The singer got wind of Louane’s intriguing refusal to perform his title on the Touche Pas à Mon Poste set. So, on the airwaves of Europe 1, he counterattacks, pinning down those who accuse him of having vetoed him: “She’s talking bullshit, this little one. In fact, it’s her promotion … I inquired because I said to myself, ‘there you play against the film.’ If you don’t like the song you say it outright, or you don’t say it anyway, because a film with 7 million admissions… we keep our mouths shut, we’re happy, we say thank you my God. Because it’s still not Jurassic World. It’s a nice, nice little movie” he had dropped, somewhat annoyed.

But as if that were not enough, Michel Sardou had seen fit to attack the young Louane directly: “In fact, she is not very clever, we will say what is. And her promotion tells her, ‘ well, no, tonight you’re not singing, I’m stealing’. So she says, ‘I don’t have the right’, but it’s not me. I gave my authorization. From the moment I gave it, she does what she wants.” Faced with all this controversy, Louane had preferred to extinguish the embers by explaining herself again at the microphone of MFM Radio: “At the moment, we are on promotion in different countries, where I do not have the right to sing the song because people haven’t seen the movie yet. I was coming back, I was jetlagged, I had just gotten on a plane, and I automatically replied that I couldn’t sing it. It’s a slip.”

The end of the story

Still, Michel Sardou, hurt or upset, remained on his positions. When asked if he saw himself singing the famous song of discord in duet with Louane, he replied without preamble: “No, no, it’s fine, I understood…” Since then, if “The family Aries” was a resounding success, water flowed under the bridge. Louane continued his career in song and on the small and big screen, while Michel Sardou continued his journey dotted with shocking phrases about today’s society that he has so much trouble understanding.

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In 2020, six years later, Louane was finally able to deliver her truth. In an interview with Femme Actuelle, the young woman, now a mother, had thus made a point of making things clear, once and for all: “Each time, people invent lives for me on things that do not exist in the world. everything. Like, for example, at the time, that I found Michel Sardou corny. This is my possibility of answering that after six years! I never found Michel Sardou corny!” The story is over.

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