Babsie Steger (Hello Muscles): Hilguegue’s Surprising New Life

Emblematic figure of the series Hello muscles! from 1989 to 1994, Babsie Steger has now completely changed her life. Owner of a gite called The Lands of Gaia located in the Gers, the actress who embodied Hilguegue for a long time now offers tailor-made stays with different workshops: Yoga, Detox, Health, Beauty, Culinary and Gyrokinesis. In its magnificent hamlet, 6 rooms are available including a Suite and a Studio decorated in very natural and very soothing tones.

In 2018, the former actress appeared in the series Borgia, Under the Sun, Josephine Guardian Angel or Profiling appeared in the section “Food shot” of the show Daily where she had come to share one of her recipes, based on sea bream and langoustine. “I am giving a conference at the end of the year at the Théâtre des Mathurins for a conference on food where we will be warned of the danger because today we eat a lot of chemistry“, she explained at the end of her cooking workshop.

I have always had a sensitive relationship to the body

Health and well-being life coach, the actress was also interviewed the same year by journalists from the Parisian about his astonishing reconversion. “We talk about retraining, but this is nothing new for me. My father was a doctor, and I have always had a sensitive relationship with the body. I discovered, early and intuitively, that my body had a bad tolerance for certain foods“she confided, warning of the dangers of hypertransformed foods”full of pesticides, hormones, additives and hidden sugars“.

Passionate about cooking and creator of her own beauty oil, the former actress revealed: “People are fond of information about nutrition and natural beauty. My head is full of ideas, especially on detox. I just regret that human beings have to sleep, because time passes quickly when you carry out several activities at the same time.“. As a bonus, the author of the book Strudel, kouglof et cie devoted to Austrian pastries also announced the forthcoming release of a book on her many well-being tips.

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