Who really invented pasta?

Italy, the leading consumer and producer of pasta Six out of ten Italians eat it every day, and with 23 kilos consumed per person per year, unsurprisingly, Italy is the biggest consumer of pasta in Europe, according to a study conducted in September 2020 by Doxa. Faced with rising global demand, production reached record levels. … Read more

Discounts and vouchers on Apple at Fnac

For the first time since May, Fnac has just relaunched its offer to recover €10 in vouchers for every €100 spent. It is the code “ETE10” which allows you to take advantage of this promotional operation, which will be in place until Monday July 4 at 1 p.m. As always, you must be a member … Read more

Lot-et-Garonne: 21 cases of sting identified at the Garorock festival in Marmande, 7 complaints already filed

the essential Like other festivals, Garorock is also affected by the problem of wild bites. 21 cases have already been identified on the second day, mainly on the concert part. Seven complaints have already been filed. Like most festivals that have taken place in recent weeks, the Garorock festival has been affected by the problem … Read more

The best pasta restaurants in Paris

It was long believed that Marco Polo brought them back to Venice in 1296, from his expedition on the Silk Road. Emblem of Italian gastronomy, pasta is therefore… Chinese? In reality, it is more complex. As the oldest known recipe book attests (a Mesopotamian culinary treatise from 1700 BC), the inhabitants already lived there on … Read more