EU passes Digital Markets Act, possibly forcing Apple to allow sideloading

What just happened? Since late 2020, the European Union has been drafting legislation that could significantly affect the operation of large digital platform holders like Apple and Google. This legislation is set to become law later this year, possibly changing the relationship between platforms and third-party developers. The European Commission this week passed the Digital … Read more

Actor James Caan, star of The Godfather and Misery, is dead

The interpreter of Sonny, in The Godfatherdied at the age of 82, announced his manager on Thursday. He had played one of the Corleone sons in the mythical Godfatherand a writer sequestered in the agonizing Misery: American actor James Caan died at 82 after a long career where he played for the greatest directors. “It … Read more

The practices of AOM (Apple, Google, Meta…), creator of AV1, under the magnifying glass of the European Commission

The European Commission’s competition services have raised — perhaps — a new wolf in the tech industry. In the sights of the regulator, the consortium Alliance for Open Media (AOM), whose purpose is to supervise the development of the AV1 codec. Specifications for this open-source, free video codec were released in early 2018, and it … Read more

Apple TV+ is down for some users

Apple TV+ is currently down for some people with the inability to start playing a movie, series or documentary. No content is played and an error message is displayed: “There is a problem loading this content”. Apple’s system status page doesn’t show anything special, but it’s unfortunately unreliable. It happens that failures are reported after … Read more

Apple unveils ‘Lockdown mode’ designed to better protect your iPhone and Mac from cyberattacks

Apple today unveiled a brand new enhanced protection mode for its devices (iPhone, Mac, etc.). Called Lockdown mode, this new lock mode is ultra powerful and is specially designed to counter cyberattacks. Apple today announced a brand new locking mode that will come to equip its iPhone, iPad and Mac. The Cupertino company wants to … Read more